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‘Star Wars Episode 7′ Spoilers

Will Han Solo feature as the father of Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens?


Original Trilogy - Han Solo 06

Star Wars 7 has been subjected to numerous plot spoilers and leaks ahead of its premiere scheduled in December this year.

It is being speculated that Han Solo and Kylo Ren – the latest villain of Episode VII – may actually be father and son.

kylo poster

According to the fan website, Making Star Wars, the JJ Abram directed space action thriller, The Force Awakens, will feature a lot of flashback scenes, as the movie begins after the events of the Return of the Jedi.

The website noted that Han Solo, Rey, Finn, and Chewbacca go into the catacomb below Rose’s pub, where they learn about the lightsaber and Luke Skywalker’s secluded life.

The former rebel general who emotionally says “Chewie, we’re home…” in the teaser, appears as if he has lost his wife and children, one of which is probably Kylo Ren, the masked villain of the seventh sequel of the Disney/Lucasfilm’s movie.

“Interior day millennium falcon– Falcon cockpit (GIMBAL) Standstill. Han shook up. Finn consoles him regarding Kylo Ren,” the website explains via a leaked scene.

It further added: “I am circumstantially convinced that Han Solo is the father of Kylo Ren. Kylo has a personal vendetta against Han and actively drops what he is doing to seek him out in a way that seems very personal and not just ‘evil guy orders’ as usual. However, I don’t think Kylo is entirely evil. When Uber wants Rose’s Pub destroyed with Han Solo inside, Uber senses some reluctance from Kylo and tells him to ‘stop being so sentimental’.”

The website also suspects that Hans Solo will have an emotional journey in the seventh instalment of the space action thriller. It stated that the classic character played by Harrison Ford will suffer throughout the movie as he loses his wife Princess Leia and his son Kylo Ren.

Moreover, there are rumours that Boba Fett will be alive and will avenge his ruined fate at the hands of Han. he could also eventually kill the rebel general.


Star Wars 7 is the first of a new trilogy and features the original cast members. The cast also includes Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew and Kenny Baker alongside Andy Serkis, Max von Sydow, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver and Domhnall Gleeson, along with newcomers British actors John Boyega and Daisy Ridley.

How badly do you want to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December?

Two fans in the UK want to go to the film’s premiere so much that they sent a model X-wing into space in an elaborate quest to get their hands on some tickets.

The video was created by Project Helium Tears, a two-person group from Essex that uses weather balloons to take photos of Earth from the edge of space. For the group’s latest stunt, they attached a model X-wing to one of their balloons and filmed the results. According to the BBC, the effort cost the duo around £1,200.



It wasn’t just for fun though — the pair also tweeted the video to Abrams, hoping it would score them some tickets to the movie. “We know you like practical effects and shooting in real locations,” they explain in the video, “and we really love that there are X-wings in the new film.”

‘Star Wars Episode 7′ BB-8 Spoilers

It looks like the leaks for “Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens” just keep coming. Despite the movie’s top secret status, savvy fans have been reporting on plot rumors allegedly gathered over the summer from the set of the movie. The latest rumors, if true, reveal the opening sequence for the highly anticipated film.

As with many of the leaks we’ve reported on, news of the opening sequence comes from the site While the site does a good job gathering information about the movie, it is not affiliated with the franchise; it is a fan-run website that cites anonymous sources claiming to have inside information. So, while everything that comes from MakingStarWars should be taken with a grain of salt, its reports do tend to line up with what we know about the movie thus far. However, director J.J. Abrams recently warned fans that they should not believe everything they read.


Most past leaks have focused on returning characters Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) and Han Solo (Harrison Ford). However, these latest alleged plot details focus on the new blood that will be taking over in the upcoming trilogy.


According to the site, the movie kicks off with a lightsaber landing on a planet with a “savanna environment.” It is discovered by a farmer, who accidentally ignites the blade and starts a fire. He takes the ancient weapon to an elder, likely played by Max von Sydow, who knows to alert the Rebels.


According to the report, Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac’s character) arrives on behalf of the Rebels to collect the lightsaber but accidentally brings the Empire to the planet. He hands the weapon to the little rolling droid from the teaser trailer, BB-8. The droid flees and Dameron prepares for a battle with the Empire. The lightsaber is believed to be the key to awakening a Sith master, which would coincide with reports about Luke Skywalker’s return. However, those reports come from MakingStarWars as well, so their accuracy must be questioned



Meanwhile, on the Empire side of things, the site reports that the opening sequence of the movie will follow a young Stormtrooper named Finn (remember that the Imperial Stormtroopers aren’t just clones anymore). Finn loses a close friend in battle and, realizing that the Empire might be the bad guys, allows a group of innocent villagers to escape the attack by Kylo Ren. This would coincide with some previously leaked photos that appeared to show Darth Vader presiding over a burning village. It seems now that the villain might instead by Kylo Ren, the broadsword-wielding character from the first teaser. Because of his sympathy for the villagers, Finn is thrown into the brig of a star destroyer, where he is cell mates with, you guessed it, Dameron. Together the two launch a daring escape and, just like that, the adventure is underway.


It’s impossible to verify any of this information unless you get your hands on the movie’s screenplay. Fans simply will have to wait until the movie’s Dec. 18 release to have all of their burning “Star Wars” plot questions revealed.

‘Star Wars Episode 7′ Spoilers

The continuing saga of Star Wars gets an update for a new generation of fans in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the seventh installment of the fan favorite sci-fi franchise. But fans of the old movies won’t have to stray too far as characters from the original trilogy (Star Wars Episode IV-VI) including Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbacca will all be making appearances in the film. The lovable droids R2-D2 and C-3PO will also be making appearances.


An article at Movie Pilot reveals details of what exactly these characters will be up to in the new film series. First up is the main character of the original Star Wars, Luke Skywalker. At the conclusion of Episode VI, Luke discovers that Darth Vader is actually his father. Vader realizes the monster that he has become and sacrifices himself to end the Empire’s rule of tyranny. Luke also loses a hand in the showdown against his father.


Luke will face new challenges in Episode VII as he is plagued by visions and voices that are slowly driving him insane. What his premonitions actually forebode have yet to be revealed. What is known, however, is that Luke will be guarding an as of yet undisclosed Sith tomb that will undoubtedly play a vital role in the film.

Also returning are Princess Leia and Han Solo, who are now married and with a child of their own. Princess Leia, however, is now actually Queen Leia as she now leads the Republic against the Empire. Sketches have indicated that her new outfit in the movie will be a gray body suit with black vest and boots – not exactly the most regal of outfits.


Han Solo has also risen in the ranks and is now a commander. Sketches show that he has a similar outfit as in the previous series but he is now sporting a brown trenchcoat. His pal Chewbacca also returns though the wookie is now sporting an as of yet unexplained bionic hand. He will be back to protect his lifelong friend, and even perhaps Han and Leia’s child.


J.J. Abrams received tons of emails harassing him about the new ‘Star Wars’ lightsaber

“Star Wars: Episode VII” will premiere a controversial three-pronged lightsaber.

When the first teaser trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” premiered in Nov., fans were torn over the appearance of a new three-pronged lightsaber.

Some loved it. Others hated it. (What was the point of those mini lightsabers on the side, some asked. Clearly, they’re not going to protect your hands.)

During a recent interview with Collider at the Visual Effects Society Awards, Abrams said he hasn’t been able to avoid the controversy either.

In fact, the “Star Wars: Episode VII” director says he has fielded a lot tons of emails and analysis both defending and arguing against the practicality and logistics of the new lightsaber.

“I will say that what has been funny … is since the lightsaber has come out, I cannot tell you how many contradictory emails I have received from people who have both defended it with unbelievably detailed graphics,” Abrams told Collider. “I’ve gotten things that are nuts. And I’ve gotten people who have shown how it will kill you and how it doesn’t make any sense.”

“It’s been the funniest thing to see the arguments that have developed over this thing,” added Abrams.

Perhaps, most famous was late-night host Stephen Colbert’s defensive graphic and accompanying explanation of the new lightsaber in Dec. claiming the three-pronged design in “perfect.”


Abrams added that the three-pronged lightsaber underwent a “number of conversations.”

“It was a sketch that became a whole thing,” said Abrams. “This was not done without a lot of conversation. It’s fun to see people have the conversation that we had, but in reverse.”

“Star Wars: Episode VII” is in theaters Dec. 18, 2015.

Watch the interview with Abrams via Collider below:


‘Star Wars Episode 7′ Spoilers

What’s Going on with Lando Calrissian?

In a new interview with Cinelinx “Star Wars” actor Billy Dee Williams, famous for playing Lando Calrissian in the “Star Wars” Original Trilogy, pretty much confirms he’ll be back for further “Star Wars” episodes. While it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing Lando Calrissian in “Star Wars: Episode 7 The Force Awakens” (though a surprise cameo would be a pretty J.J. Abrams move), a role for Lando Calrissian in the Rian Johnson “Star Wars: Episode 8” and/or “Star Wars: Episode 9” seems like a likely proposition.


Lando Calrissian in Star Wars Rebels

While the main focus of the interview with Billy Dee Williams is on his appearances in “Star Wars Rebels” (Yep! Lando Calrissian will return to “Star Wars Rebels.”), how could Jordan Maison possibly resist the opportunity to ask Billy Dee Williams about “Star Wars: Episode 7 The Force Awakens”?

When put on the spot about a possible Lando Calrissian appearance in future “Star Wars” movies Billy Dee Williams had such a powerful internal debate as to how much he can reveal that it clearly comes through in the interview transcript: “But I uh…I may very well…I have a feeling I’m going to show up.”


Lando Calrissian Returns to Star Wars: It Just Makes Sense

Williams later suggested that it was more a matter of logic that Lando would make another “Star Wars” appearance, stating “People think of me as the original cast, but I didn’t come in until the second movie [Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back]. I did Empire and then I did Return of the Jedi, but I came in after everyone else was introduced… so I think they’re probably proceeding in that way. I can’t imagine them not bringing Lando back. But we’ll see, I don’t know.”

This sounds like a great supposition on Williams’ part. “Star Wars: Episode 8” and “Star Wars: Episode 9” are still in the early stages.


But it seems possible that Billy Dee Williams has already been contacted by Disney. Whether for “Star Wars: Episode 7 The Force Awakens” or an upcoming “Star Wars” sequel is unknown. All Williams could say was: “There’s nothing I can really discuss about it at this stage.”

While this interview with Cinelinx doesn’t represent proof that we’ll be seeing Lando Calrissian in a “Star Wars: Episode 7 The Force Awakens” sequel, it’s the best confirmation yet that the new Disney “Star Wars” movies haven’t forgotten about Lando Calrissian.

“Star Wars: Episode 7 The Force Awakens” comes out on Dec. 18. We’ll have to wait until 2017 to catch Lando Calrissian in “Star Wars: Episode 8.”

Patton Oswalt’s Epic Rant About Star Wars Racists

There has been a great deal of Star Wars-related nitpicking ever since the first trailer for J.J. Abrams Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrived online last year, but arguably the dumbest of the bunch are those complaining that the footage features a black actor (namely John Boyega) in a Stormtrooper uniform. Thankfully, these comments have been shouted down many times across the internet over the last few months, but now comedian Patton Oswalt has come in with his two cents on the issue – and he thinks its patently ridiculous.

Vulture recently caught up with Oswalt as he prepared to host this year’s Artios Awards in Beverly Hills, and while the interview wound up touching on many subjects – including the key Oscar snubs for Ava DuVerney’s Selma - some of his best stuff came out while talking about the black Stormtrooper “controversy.” He told the interviewer:

“Oh, that’s depressing, Jesus Christ. Star Wars, half the movie is aliens and robots, and a black guy is what set people off? I love how they’re reacting as if this is a classic novel that’s being cast — ‘I can’t believe they booked James Earl Jones to play Holden Caulfield.’ But this is a script that no one has read, so what the fuck are they talking about? If everyone in the original Star Wars had been black, it still would have been a goddamn blockbuster because the movie would have still been awesome. If Star Wars had been Richard Pryor and Cicely Tyson, people still would have gone, ‘This movie’s fucking great!'”



That’s one incredibly interesting picture that Patton Oswalt has illustrated. Of course, the comedian is absolutely right, in that one of the biggest mysteries surrounding the film is exactly why John Boyega’s character, named Finn, is seen wearing a Stormtrooper uniform. It’s entirely possible that he is just an employee of the Empire, serving as one of the thousands of faceless henchmen, but others have tossed out the hypothesis that the costume may be a reference to the original Star Wars with Luke Skywalker and Han Solo stealing Stormtrooper uniforms while inside the Death Star. Regardless, though, there really is no explanation why anyone should be upset about the color of Finn’s skin.


Hopefully there will be a bit less offensiveness and useless nitpicking over the rest of the year as more and more is revealed about Star Wars: The Force Awakens is revealed prior to its release in December.



Star Wars Episodes VIII and IX release dates confirmed

As the December release date of Star Wars: The Force Awakens edges nearer, Disney has confirmed official release dates for Episodes VIII and IX.

Not only that, but apparently the next three Star Wars films will form just the first of a series of planned trilogies.

That information comes courtesy of Disney CEO Bob Iger, who issued the following statement to Get Your Geek On:

Michelle Obama And Disney CEO Robert Iger Hold News Conference On Disney's Nutritional Guidelines

As one of the few people allowed to visit the set during filming… and one of the fewer who’s seen most of the footage… I can assure the millions of Star Wars fans who have spent the last decade hoping for a new movie this one will be worth the wait.

And it’s only the beginning of a new era of exceptional Star Wars storytelling; next year we’ll release our first standalone movie based on these characters, followed byStar Wars: Episode VIII in 2017, and we’ll finish this trilogy with Episode IX in 2019.”

That’s certainly an ambitious game-plan, but it’s great to see Disney capitalising on the rich world of the Wars-verse.

And while rumours continue to circulate that Star Wars: Episode VIII will be directed by Rian Johnson (Looper), something Disney is yet to confirm, we know that Gareth Edwards (Godzilla) is currently at work on the first Star Wars spin-off.

Clearly, the Mouse House is taking this very seriously, drawing on a fantastic pool of talent for its big-screen explorations of the Star Wars mythos. We can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in cinemas on 18 December 2015.